Are all your plumbers licenced & can they provide proof upon arrival when commencing works?

How long will it take to replace my burst hot water service?

Replacement of a HWS takes approx. 3 hours

Will you supply a compliance certificate once you have completed the job?

Depending on the nature of works, a compliance certificate will be issued in accordance with the Victorian Building Authority’s guidelines. However, not all jobs require a compliance certificate.

I have a blocked sewer, will my backyard need to be dug up in order to repair the issue?

This depends on what is causing the blockage. We can diagnose the issue by feeding our specialised drain camera into the sewer to locate the issue. Some blockages, large paper blockage or rocks only require a high pressure jetter clean to unblock, in other cases it may be tree roots that have penetrated the pipe or set concrete requiring a dig up and section replacement of the pipe.

I have a leak in my gas fitting line and I can smell gas, is this something you can fix?

Yes, our plumbers will assess the leak and determine the best course of action for repairs.