Excavation Service

Excavation Service

There are two options in front of you when you have a sewer line problem: repair or replacement. When Paul Ryan Plumbing & Contracting comes out to diagnose the problem, the option we choose depends on how severe the condition of the line is. In cases where it’s possible Paul Ryan Plumbing & Contracting will choose the repair route, because it requires little to no excavation.

However, not all situations can be that simple and there will be times when the only option we have is to replace the line. With replacement, does come some excavation, that will efficiently fix your sewer problems.

Paul Ryan Plumbing & Contracting specialises in providing various types of excavation methods, there’s more than one way to repair a broken sewer or drain pipe. We provide various options and then help you select the one that best fits your needs and budget

Our Excavation Services:

  • Commercial, Residential, Industrial
  • Experienced excavation staff, committed to customer satisfaction
  • Our professionals are hard working and dedicated; providing you with excellent service with minimal down time
  • We own all of our excavation equipment and do not subcontract any part of our excavations or equipment.
  • No job is too small or too large

Excavation Benefits

  • Telescopic boom allows excavation over and around obstacles such as existing foundations, permanent fences and other structures
  • The ability to easily excavate in hard to reach locations like bridge and road embankments and limited access areas where mechanical equipment cannot operate
  • Avoiding situations where conventional equipment would require major surface reworking
  • Expose high pressure gas lines and other utility locations without damage or danger
  • Safely locate and expose high capacity fiber optic lines without any interruptions in service
  • Lower noise levels for work in residential areas or during after-hours excavations
  • Precision trenching capabilities for landscaping, potholing and pole base installations
  • Safe Dig Technology

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